Stories by John Russell

The billion-dollar model

FRAMINGHAM (03/22/2004) - Life is good at GenPath Pharmaceuticals Inc. right now. Last October, the company raised US$42.7 million in a Series B round and was awarded a patent (#6,639,121) for its inducible cancer technology. In December, it landed a mega deal with Merck that could ultimately be worth $100 million. The company's star-studded advisory board includes MIT Nobel laureate Bob Horvitz; Richard Klausner, former head of the National Cancer Institute; Tyler Jacks, head of the MIT Center for Cancer Research; and Ed Scolnick, president emeritus of Merck. And its VC lineup is no less stellar.

Working on the pharma-IT railroad

FRAMINGHAM (10/21/2003) - Pharmaceutical giants have a well-earned reputation for paranoia. They protect the corporate castle with moats filled with lawyers whose sharp-penciled maneuverings make informal collaborations impossible. This month, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals initiates a modest effort to counter this tradition -- at least with regard to IT evaluation.

Not some Mickey Mouse operation

FRAMINGHAM (09/24/2003) - It's hard not to smile when reading this cast list. There's "Dickie's small eye" and "nude streaker." For the particular among you, they're also known by the genetic descriptors B6EiC3Sn-a/A-Pax6Sey-Dey and AKR/J-Foxn1nu-str/+. Let's not forget the well-named "waddles" (aka C57BLKS/J-wdl) or "hotfoot 4 Jackson" (DBA/2J-Grid2ho-4j/+).