Stories by Rebecca Reid

JavaOne: Sun open sources Java 3D

Sun Microsystems took a step toward making Java open source by opening its Java 3D version along with its 3D desktop, Project Looking Glass, at its annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco. The company also reconfirmed its commitment to open sourcing Solaris for X86.

BayStar's SCO refund dream comes true

In April, BayStar Capital II LLP said it wanted the money it invested in The SCO Group Inc. back. Now the venture capital firm is getting its wish.

Sun upgrades Java Desktop System

Continuing its strategy of moving into the enterprise desktop space, Sun Microsystems has updated its Java Desktop System (JDS) to include central management capabilities, Sun announced Tuesday.

Dell, EMC launch SAN for SMBs

Fertile markets are few and far between in today's IT landscape. But with a new partnership, EMC Corp. and Dell Inc. are targeting two of the greenest pastures in the sector with a storage area network (SAN) product.

Windows 2003: one year later

Celebrities are infamous for demanding the best, whether it is clothes, cars, food and even their Web presence.

Canadian law in conflict with aspects of GPL

It appears that the General Public License (GPL) for free and open source software (FOSS) may contradict some Canadian regulations, said one Canadian intellectual property (IP) lawyer.

Veritas expands service offerings

A utility computing infrastructure isn't bought -- it's crafted slowly over time through a careful IT strategy that includes discovery, consolidation and virtualization.

Veritas makes utility Vision clear

Veritas' metamorphosis is almost complete. The storage software vendor has taken a leap into the land of utility computing and hasn't looked back.

Bob Young speaks out on open source

Bob Young is no stranger to open source. In fact, he has one of the most recognizable names in the industry, alongside movement gurus such as Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and Jon "maddog" Hall. After all, Young co-founded Red Hat Inc., arguably the most successful Linux vendor in the world. While Young still sits on Red Hat's board of directors, he is also CEO of a digital content creation company,, which is to authors what Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes is to musicians.

IBM adds to SMB offerings

With revenues from enterprises stagnant or decreasing, vendors are quickly turning to the small- to medium-sized business (SMBs) services sector to make a profit. However, while money might be the motive, the results spell good things for SMBs, one industry analyst noted.

Students start Linux company

Four University of Western Ontario students in London, Ont., have started their own Linux company, dubbed Ignalum Linux.

Penguin fever hits UWO

TORONTO (03/29/2004) - Four University of Western Ontario (UWO) students in London, Ont., have come down with Penguin fever, starting up their own Linux company dubbed Ignalum Linux.

Forrester: More firms using open source

Lower acquisition costs, lower total cost of ownership and greater flexibility in choosing hardware and software are the top reasons companies are deploying open source software, according to a recent survey.