Stories by Laura Rohde

Excite@Home chief schtum on Chello takeover

Excite@Home CEO George Bell said here on Wednesday that the US-based broadband company is definitely expanding into Europe as well as into Asia this year, but refused to comment on rumors that the company is in talks to acquire Netherlands-based Chello Broadband NV.

Andersen Employees Get Stake in Net Activities

Management and technology consultant firm Andersen Consulting Inc. has launched a plan designed to reward and retain its employees by cutting them in on the company's e-commerce investment earnings, the company announced today.

Flat-Rate Pricing Set to Fuel Europe Net Usage

With the wave of flat-rate Internet pricing announcements made by companies in the U.K. over the past two weeks, Internet and telecommunications industry insiders in Europe expect low-cost pricing schemes to flood the rest of Europe, knocking down cost barriers that have prevented Internet usage from reaching critical mass.

Gartner says B2B will hit $US7.3 trillion by 2004

Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce will continue its rapid pace of growth, generating $US7.29 trillion in sales transactions worldwide in 2004, according to a report published yesterday by the research firm Gartner Group Inc.

Global smart card initiative launched

In a bid to standardise the technology for smart cards worldwide, Visa International has announced a new forum to explore and promote a converged platform.

Telstra takes plunge as European ISP

Telstra has launched a European corporate ISP under the name Telstra Big Pond.
The corporate ISP will offer flexible bandwidth capabilities for small to mid-sized businesses with leased lines for internet connections of either 64K bits per second (Bps) or 45M Bps, Telstra said in a statement