Stories by Laura Rohde

Lucent's Q1 loss brings 10,000 job cuts

Lucent Technologies bundled its plan to restructure the company with its report of a $US1.02 billion first quarter loss. The restructuring will result in the loss of 10,000 jobs, the company announced Wednesday.

BT takes full ownership of Viag with Telenor stake

British Telecommunications (BT) and Norway's Telenor have finalised a deal in which BT has agreed to buy Telenor's 10% stake in German mobile communications provider Viag Interkom AG, giving BT full ownership of the company.

Health Debate over Mobile Phones Heats Up

Two articles published in the U.K. medical journal The Lancet on Friday have reignited the debate over the dangers that mobile telephones may pose to children's health, yet the U.K. government has still not established a team to carry out research that it promised in May.

Oftel Pushes BT to Open Local Loop to Rivals

The U.K. telecommunications regulator on Thursday upheld complaints that dominant operator British Telecommunications PLC (BT) is unfairly restricting access to its local loop network by rivals wanting to use its lines to offer high-speed Internet access.

CA Releases Unicenter TNG Upgrade

Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) announced Monday it has released the newest version of its Unicenter TNG eBusiness management software product.

Microsoft throwing its weight behind Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a hot topic at many discussions at Comdex in Las Vegas this week, and though the promise of the wireless technology has yet to pan out with actual products available on the market, Microsoft is confident in its decision to put its considerable weight behind the wireless technology.