Stories by Laura Rohde

Motorola's new strategy is 2.5G/3G licensing

Motorola plans to make the technology and designs underlying its 3G (third-generation) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mobile telecommunication products available to its rivals for them to resell under their own brands, Motorola said in a statement Monday.

European Parliament doesn't want to ban spam

A committee for the European Parliament late Wednesday decided not to call for a ban on unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly known as spam, voting instead to support an "opt-out" option favored by many direct marketers.

Microsoft, VeriSign to join for Hailstorm

Microsoft Corp. and VeriSign Inc. announced an agreement Tuesday in which VeriSign will supply extra security for Hailstorm, Microsoft's set of services that will be included in Windows XP and become the key building blocks for its .Net initiative.

Study: UK IT managers unaware of costs

The budgeting process for IT managers in the U.K. is more like a shot in the dark than a fine science, with one in seven managers using guesswork alone to measure IT costs, according to a survey released Thursday.

BT's launch of first 3G service stalled

British Telecommunications PLC (BT) has been forced to delay the launch of what it had hoped would be the world's first commercial network using the 3G (third-generation) mobile telecommunication technology by at least three months due to a software fault with handsets from NEC, a company spokesman said Monday.

More headaches for Napster with Songbird launch

Songbird, a free software utility designed to help artists search the song database of beleaguered file-swapping service Napster to pinpoint whether their copyright songs are available for downloading, was made available to the public Wednesday.

Napster filter deadline looms as downloads continue

Fans of music-sharing service Napster continued to download music files by the likes of Metallica and Dr. Dre as the company attempts to implement its proposal for filtering out copyrighted music from its service.

Hackers deemed terrorists under new UK law

Hackers now have a new tag in the UK: cyberterrorists. Under the Terrorism Act 2000, enacted into law beginning Monday, people who endanger lives though the manipulation of public computer systems will be punished under the anti-terrorism law as would any other terrorist.