Stories by Laura Rohde

UK gov't renegotiates Microsoft fees, eyes open source

Emboldened by its renegotiated software licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp., the U.K. government is debating the possibility of using open-source software to complement or even replace some of its Microsoft software.

Sun enhances Java Card technology with version 2.2

Sun Microsystems has announced version 2.2 of its Java Card technology, which will include easier programming of applications using the smart card technology as well as improved support for wireless standards, the company announced Tuesday.

UK businesses paying billions for lax IT security

IT security breaches cost U.K. businesses billions of pounds last year, with 44 percent of U.K. companies reporting at least one "malicious" security breach in the past year, according to a study published Tuesday by the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Company lures piracy whistle-blowers with plug-in

The Federation Against Software Theft Ltd. (FAST) relies on the kindness of strangers in its effort to short-circuit pirates selling illegal software over the Internet, so in its effort to encourage the reporting of such pirating, the organization wants to make whistle-blowing as simple as the push of a button.

Vendors promise 3G handsets by year's end

Though the term 3G (third-generation) wasn't quite the buzz word at CeBIT this year that it was last year, a number of mobile-handset makers have said at the show they will have 3G handsets ready for the European mass market by the end of this year.

Microsoft revises terms for UK gov't software licences

Faced with prospect of losing national and local UK governments as customers, Microsoft has offered new software licensing terms as part of its negotiations with government representatives, the company confirmed Tuesday.

SAP denies choosing between Java and .Net

Business software maker SAP AG on Wednesday strongly denied a media report that it has decided to back the software development platform based on the Java programming language from Sun Microsystems Inc. over the .Net software platform from competitor Microsoft Corp.