Stories by Laura Rohde

Lindows postpones IPO indefinitely

Lindows the Linux-based software developer best known for its legal battles with Microsoft, has indefinitely shelved its plans to become a publicly traded company due to "current adverse market conditions," it announced Wednesday.

Court allows Napster case to proceed

German media giant Bertelsmann AG on Thursday said it was disappointed by a judge's ruling in a U.S. district court in San Francisco Wednesday that will allow four copyright infringement lawsuits brought against the company and venture capital firm Hummer Winblad Partners, as former Napster investors, to proceed.

SAP acquires A2i

German business software vendor SAP has bought the privately held software company A2i, in an effort to broaden the data management capabilities of its NetWeaver platform, the company announced Tuesday.

IPods pose security risk for enterprises, Gartner says

The iPod may be popular, but also poses such a major security risk for businesses, that enterprises should seriously consider banning the iPod and other portable storage devices, according to a study by research firm Gartner Inc.

PeopleSoft's CEO thanks customers for support

Speaking at the London stop of PeopleSoft Inc.'s "Leadership Summit" tour, company President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Craig Conway on Tuesday thanked customers for their ongoing support as the company attempts to get on with business while Oracle Corp. and the U.S. Department of Justice argue in a San Francisco federal court over Oracle's hostile takeover bid for PeopleSoft.

Microsoft files appeal in EU case

As had been widely anticipated, Microsoft has filed its official appeal to the European Union's Court of First Instance (CFI), defending itself against the European Commission's competition decision earlier this year.

EU suspends Oracle-PeopleSoft review

The European Commission (EC) said on Thursday that it has paused its antitrust investigation into Oracle Corp.'s bid to buy rival Peoplesoft Inc. because it is seeking more information from Oracle.

Linux platform being developed for Asia

Japan's Miracle Linux and China's Red Flag Software are jointly developing a Linux server platform for corporate and government users in the Asian market.

UK to consider national biometric ID cards, database

U.K. government is set to consider legislation next year for the establishment of compulsory biometric identity cards and a central database of all U.K. subjects, it was announced by the government last week.

MPs highlight loopholes in UK anti-spam law

LONDON (10/06/2003) - The U.K. government should take a tougher stance on spam by tightening loopholes in an anti-spam law coming into effect in December, a group of Members of Parliament (MPs) urged Monday. But the MPs concede that U.K. and European laws would ultimately have little effect on combating the worldwide problem of spam.

EU software patent plan draws fire

A group of economists has blasted a proposed European Union (EU) law on software patents, characterising it as damaging to technological innovation and Europe's software industry. The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on the "patentability of computer-implemented inventions" directive today.

ICANN raises concerns over VeriSign IDN change

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on Tuesday expressed concerns regarding a service launched last Friday by VeriSign Inc. designed to handle internationalized domain names (IDNs).

Study: Linux, .NET will dominate server market by 2009

Open source Linux technology and .NET systems from Microsoft will continue to chip away at the dominate position of Unix operating systems in the server market, with Linux expected to become the major server operating system by 2009, according to a study published Monday by IT analyst company, Butler Group, part of Butler Direct Ltd.

UK MPs may get email filters, free handhelds

Members of Parliament in the UK need to be tempted online and into the age of electronic communications with such IT goodies as email filters and free handheld wireless computers, according to a report published by the highly influential House of Commons Information Select Committee.