Stories by Ron Nutter

Q&A: Disinfecting a spyware-riddled PC

Question: What do I do if I suspect someone is controlling my PC? When my IP address has been changed without my knowledge? My boot-up process is getting harder unless I unplug the Ethernet cable and the CPU is at 100% every time I open any program. There is also a new connection to the internet that is between my connection and the net that I know was not there a month ago. When I try to register my email address the programs say it's invalid and does not match whatever it has to compare it to.-- Teresa Hurst.

Finding intruders with Snort

FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2003) - I am trying to be proactive at our company about finding an intrusion or a potential one before much if any damage has been one. Several individuals I have talked to at other companies have recommended I look at something called Snort. The problem is that I am not that familiar with Linux. What are my options?

Doing more with less

FRAMINGHAM (09/29/2003) - As with most companies, we have had our budget cut and have lost some personnel. I am concerned about knowing more about our network and what is going on than we do. On a limited budget what are some good tools that we can use to keep a finger on the pulse of the network?