Stories by Christopher Lindquist

Someone is watching

"No need to lie; I know everything cause I've got spies" --Dramarama "I've Got Spies"

Hear, speak, see

FRAMINGHAM (04/05/2004) - There's nothing like coming back from a two week vacation--and then having the whole family fall sick for a week--to put you in the mood for a bit of tidying up once you get back to work. Thus I present a couple of small bits that didn't make it into previous Tech Tacts.

Model hacker behavior

FRAMINGHAM (03/18/2004) - Forget about patches. Researchers at the Florida Institute of Technology are looking for ways to fight hackers by modeling their methods, or "exploits." The research could eventually lead to new types of security tools capable of stopping attacks that hackers haven't even invented yet.

Winner's circle for sale

FRAMINGHAM (10/20/2003) - Programming contests are nothing new. Give a dozen coders the same puzzle, and you'll get 12 different "best" solutions. But TopCoder takes the idea of code wars to the max, arranging global online competitions, onsite contests at trade shows and world championship tournaments—hosted at MIT, the coder's mecca—to discover the best programmers in the world. And now, you can hire some of that talent.

Wireless leaps

FRAMINGHAM (10/01/2003) - I've always been an appreciator of--if not adept at--the intuitive leap: those flashes of insight that forever change how something is done. Hank Luisetti's one-handed basketball shot. Henry Ford's assembly line. Doug Engelbart's mouse.