Stories by Edward Prewitt

Encourage employee socializing

The assumption underlying knowledge management efforts is that untapped power lies within an organization and needs only to be brought forth. But what if KM software, communities of practice and offsite team-building exercises are actually part of the problem? A forthcoming book on companies' social networks points out that collaboration has a cost, in the form of ever-more meetings and e-mails that serve to bog down employees rather than unleash them.

GM's matrix reloads

The IT challenges at General Motors have always been huge. The immense scale of the enterprise, the extreme autonomy of the business units (until recently, Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile weren't just brands, they were baronies), the hijacking of the entire IT function by Ross Perot's EDS in the early '90s--all combined to create one giant hair ball of IT problems.

The best use of bonuses

Cash bonuses for software developers and other IT staff became commonplace during the go-go '90s. Now, when money at many companies is tight, how can CIOs ensure that money is being disbursed wisely?