Stories by Ralph Chivers

Opinion: BANANA principle belies the cost of progress

At a recent TUANZ event I observed that some New Zealand communities appear to have moved beyond Nimby-ism and have now adopted the BANANA principle: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody. Sadly, I can’t take credit for that little gem and I offer a very respectful hat-tip to whoever it was that did.

Opinion: Fibre benefits are complex and multifaceted

Following the release of the papers outlining the government’s preferred approach to its broadband investment initiative, there were howls of disappointment from some who found themselves outside the areas where fibre is expected to be deployed.

Opinion: Satellite service matures as rural broadband solution

I’ve recently visited the Baycity/Farmside operation, testing both the satellite service and the pinot noir at owner Tony Baird’s Waipara winery. I have to say both are excellent! For the record, I tested the satellite service before the pinot noir, so this report is completely accurate.

Opinion: Copyright laws cause for concern

During a recent re-run of a famous Simpsons’ episode “Treehouse of Horror XI,” I burst out laughing when, in the opening montage of various horror spoofs, Lisa Simpson walks out the door of the family home dressed as Marilyn Munster with a book on Copyright Law tucked under her arm. Shortly thereafter, a vigilante mob descends on the family and slays them all, except for Lisa who escapes. I had no idea intellectual property protection extended to immunity from death-by-pitchfork from unruly mobs!

Opinion: Embarking on a new national conversation

With an election just over — and a new government in formation — we are about to embark on a national conversation about the digital economy and the place of fibre in helping achieve our growth objectives.

Number portability hits the ton

It’s all too easy to let milestones pass by without pausing to reflect on the significant achievement they represent.

Opinion: Towards a new, contestable Kiwi Share

Looking back over the last few months I am excited by the number and frequency of new product and technology launches and the level of fresh investment that we are seeing in the sector.