Stories by Robert McMillan

SCO financial losses mount

The SCO Group Inc. posted a net loss of almost US$15 million for its most recent financial quarter Thursday, as the company continues to struggle to realize revenue from its controversial SCOsource software licensing program.

I2 settles securities case with U.S. regulators

Supply chain management software vendor i2 Technologies Inc. announced Wednesday that it had reached a US$10 million settlement in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into alleged violations of federal securities law.

SCO seeks more code from IBM

After reviewing Unix source code provided by IBM, The SCO Group appears to be experiencing difficulties in identifying the specific lines of code that it alleges IBM improperly contributed to the Linux operating system, according to court documents filed in a federal court last month.

Sun to open source Solaris

After months of hinting about its intentions, Sun Microsystems on Wednesday confirmed that it intends to release source code from its Solaris operating system under an open source licence.

HP adds JBoss MySQL support

The JBoss application server and MySQL database will both get a boost from Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday, when the Palo Alto, California, computer company plans to begin offering technical support for the two open-source projects.

PeopleSoft board votes to reject lower Oracle offer

PeopleSoft's board of directors on Wednesday rejected Oracle's latest unsolicited offer to buy the enterprise resource management software company. PeopleSoft also announced that it has settled a number of class action suits filed against it in connection with Oracle's bid.

Judge delays Red Hat-SCO suit, pending IBM action

A U.S. District Court judge has stayed a lawsuit brought by Red Hat against The SCO Group, saying that the key issues in the case are already being examined in a separate lawsuit brought by SCO against IBM.

IT muscle for "Governator"

FRAMINGHAM (03/18/2004) - J. Clark Kelso may be unemployed six months from now, but there's no time to focus on that. His state is out of money, his new boss is talking about blowing up the structures of government, and Kelso, the CIO of California, is trying to find ways to do more with less.

Domain registrars sue ICANN, VeriSign

One day after being sued by VeriSign over delays in approving a new service for back-ordering Internet domain names, the organization that controls the Internet's domain naming system is now being sued by a group of eight domain name registrars seeking to stop the new services' implementation, this time with VeriSign being named as a codefendant.

SCO shows IBM the code

Ten months after launching its lawsuit against IBM, The SCO Group has finally provided Big Blue with a list of files and individual code samples that, it claims, violate its intellectual property rights.

IBM CEO challenges Big Blue to move to Linux desktop

IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano has challenged his company to move to the Linux desktop over the next two years, according to an internal memo written by IBM Chief Information Officer Bob Greenberg in November and leaked to the Inquirer Web site on Wednesday.

SCO fined €10,000 for Linux claims

The SCO Group has been fined €10,000 (US$10,800) for violating a German court's ruling that SCO must cease claiming that the Linux source code violates its intellectual property, SCO confirmed on Monday.

Linux advocate: More SCO evidence flawed

The SCO Group is zero for two in its efforts to prove that its Unix software was illegally copied into the Linux operating system, according to Linux advocate Bruce Perens, who on Wednesday said he traced a second example of SCO's disputed code and that it was lawfully included in Linux.