Stories by Robert McMillan

Apple exec stashed $150,000 in shoe boxes

Federal agents found more than US$150,000 in cash when they searched the house of Apple manager Paul Devine earlier this month, prosecutors said in court Monday.

Ex-San Francisco network admin gets four-year sentence

A City of San Francisco administrator convicted in April of violating California's hacking laws after he refused to hand over administrative control to the city's FiberWAN network in July 2008 has been sentenced to four years in state prison Friday.

Misconfigured Cisco gear could lead to Wi-Fi breach

Users of a popular Cisco Systems wireless access point may be setting themselves up for trouble if they leave a WPA wireless migration feature enabled, according to researchers at Core Security Technologies.

With iOS, Apple gets the OK to borrow a Cisco name

Three years after being sued by Cisco Systems for giving its iPhone the same name as a Cisco product, Apple has taken another page from the Cisco playbook, renaming its iPhone operating system, iOS.