Stories by Robert McMillan

Ex-contractor gets two years' prison for damaging data

A former US Transportation Security Administration contractor will serve two years in prison for damaging sensitive government databases, shortly before he was to lose his job. The databases he tampered with were used to identify terrorists as they try to enter the US.

WikiLeaks: Intel threatened to pull R&D out of Russia

Intel engaged in high-level talks with Russian officials and ultimately said it would cease research and development work in the country unless it could get around Russia's tough encryption import laws, according to a US Department of State cable published by WikiLeaks.

Wikileaks document links China to 2009 Google hack

The cache of more than 250,000 US Department of State cables that WikiLeaks began releasing on Sunday includes a document linking China's Politburo to the December 2009 hack of Google's computer systems.

Google offers bounty to Web bug hunters

Following up on a successful bug bounty program that pays hackers for finding security flaws in its Chrome browser, Google now says that it will pay cash for security bugs reported on its websites.

Report: Microsoft, Adobe CEOs meet to discuss Apple

The chief executive officers of Microsoft and Adobe met recently to discuss how best to deal with their common foe -- Apple -- and whether a Microsoft buyout of Adobe might be in the cards, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Oracle, Microsoft ready major security updates

Microsoft isn't the only company planning a boatload of security patches for next week. Oracle plans to fix 81 vulnerabilities in its database, middleware and operating system products on Tuesday, the same day Microsoft's fixes are due.