Stories by Maggie Biggs

Get more our of your data mining models

Is there gold in them there mountains of data? The average large enterprise has terabytes of data on hand -- customer information, supplier exchanges, and internal company records that contain data. Within this mountain of data lie the golden nuggets that can help solve business problems and propel new strategic initiatives. By putting on a miner's hat, you can better analyze the data you already have on hand and enrich your ability to increase revenues and reduce costs.
Advances in both hardware and the capabilities of database management systems make data mining a more compelling proposition today. For example, the plummeting cost of disk storage has enabled enterprises to store more and more data. Likewise, microprocessors keep getting more powerful, while advances in symmetrical multiprocessor technology has removed a lot of the overhead that once limited data mining.

ISeries' changing colors

SAN FRANCISCO (10/10/2003) - Quick! Do you know which platform can concurrently run multiple operating systems, including multiple Linux and Windows servers; execute your Web services and J2EE strategy; integrate with .Net; and host Web applications and data warehouses with ease?

Code editors renew approach to IDEs

Call it a back-to-basics movement or simply professionals seeking the best tools to get the job done well and on time. With enterprises putting a premium on productivity, a quiet revolution among programmers is eschewing the heavy, feature-filled IDE and turning instead to the venerable standby: the code editor.

Moving your company beyond e-business

Admit it, you're sick and tired of hearing the term e-business. And so am I. There has not been a more overhyped and underdefined term in a very long time. But I suspect we'll hear the term for some time to come. It will take several more years to actually implement the business and technical strategies needed to truly become e-businesses.

Rosy prospects for the open source

Three months may seem like a long period if measured in Internet time. We can usually predict fairly accurately the outcomes of our business strategies in three-month cycles.

Embracing emerging biometric techniques

CTOs and other business leaders must constantly walk the tightrope of evaluating emerging technologies. When it comes to e-business authentication practices, careful steps are needed now to avoid falling into the negative ROI abyss that may lie just ahead.

Four iterations of the L word

Whenever I read an article concerning the perceived IT resource shortage, I have to chuckle. I hear Cheech and Chong saying, "We ain't got no stinkin' IT labour shortage!" What we do have is a mind-set that keeps us from solving the problem.

SOAP cleans up apps integration

Whenever I think about soap, my mind inevitably travels back to my youth. One of my siblings was always adept at placing just the right amount of the sudsy stuff into park water fountains around town. The results were almost always effective and a joy to watch, but surely a mess to clean up.

Linux-to-Windows Link Creates Flexible Strategy

With the release of Windows 2000 expected soon, many companies are beginning to examine the future of the end-user desktop in light of the electronic-business age. For many corporations, the expense of maintaining thick clients is no longer viable - many end-users can complete their job functions with a lightweight client.