Stories by Thornton May

3 lessons for collaboration

Organizations won’t reap the rewards of powerful collaboration tools if they don’t make collaboration itself a strategic priority.

We’re undervaluing collaboration

In our interdependent age, everything depends on a series of collaborations, and yet collaboration remains largely unmeasured and unmanaged.

The digital dissidents

How do organizations cope when any single super-empowered person can carry out far-reaching sabotage?

A new era of living data is coming

FRAMINGHAM (10/02/2003) - Research being conducted in conjunction with the Managing the Information Resource Program at UCLA indicates that we are a mere 10 years away from the day when every molecule on this planet could be assigned an IP address. Such a possibility underscores our need to intellectually grasp the massive changes afoot in the evolution of information and its management.

Redefining 'heroic' IT leaders

During the past eight months I have been deeply involved in a multiyear global research project involving hundreds of CIOs and aimed at better understanding the evolving CIO "habitat". I've discovered that it's a varied and exotic ecosystem, indeed.

Steps Toward Improving IT Bosses

In 1997, I examined why IT professionals at established companies changed jobs. Managers erroneously believed that the top reason people quit was money. They were wrong then, and they would be wrong today. I find that the top reason people quit can be summed up in this sentence: "I won't work for a jerk."

IT leaders must be the key messengers

Dickens, Melville and Aesop were no slouches when it came to telling stories. Unfortunately, many professionals in the technology arena aren't as skilled.

Market Place