Stories by Jana Sanchez

3Com files for Palm IPO

3Com has filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for an IPO (initial public offering) of less than 20 percent of its subsidiary, Palm Computing.

Compaq, Samsung pump $500 million into Alpha

Attempting to dispel long-standing concerns that Compaq Computer is not fully committed to its 64-bit Alpha microprocessor technology, Alpha, the company yesterday announced investments of $US500 million in the chip architecture.

Compaq announces thin clients, wireless LAN

Under the theme of accessing information anywhere and anytime, Compaq has launched a series of new products including thin-client products, wireless LANs and new laptop computers. Sues Microsoft over Patent

Online travel service Inc. filed suit against Microsoft Corp. and its Expedia Inc. subsidiary last week claiming patent infringement and unfair trade practices.

TELECOM 99: Gates demos WinCE smart phone

Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates demonstrated here today a prototype of a Windows CE-based smart phone capable of accessing the internet, and said his company has changed its vision statement to reflect the importance of such devices.
Microsoft's original vision was "a PC in every home and on every desk," he said, but that vision is no longer big enough.

TELECOM 99: Microsoft launches mobile onslaught

In a renewed effort to supply technology to the telecommunications industry, Microsoft has announced that it will launch new products and services for mobile telephone carriers, designed to provide mobile access to data for end users.

TELECOM 99: Global One: 'We are here to stay'

Executives of Global One Communications said yesterday that they will remain in business even if two of their shareholders pull out. At the same time, they confirmed that "at least one" of the three will stay on board.

Microsoft Buys STNC for its Mobile Access to 'Net

Microsoft Corp. has acquired STNC, a U.K.-based software development company whose software provides access to intranets and the Internet from mobile devices, including phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants).