Stories by John Dodge

J.C Penney slashes CIO role

On Jan. 18, JCP named Kristen E. Blum as Chief Technology Officer and executive vice president. Her appointment resulted in the elimination of the CIO position held by Ed Robben, who left the company this month. The elimination of the CIO position was revealed in a memo sent out by Blum to the JCP IT staff.

Cerner fights cultural resistance to IT

This is Part II of an interview with Cerner Corp. President E.H. "Trace" Devanny conducted recently by Health-IT World editor-in-chief John Dodge. Part I in the April 20 edition focused on Cerner's losing out on lucrative National Health Service contracts in the United Kingdom. This installment focuses on how Cerner views cultural resistance to IT in healthcare.

Siemens Medical's Miller on data, the W word

FRAMINGHAM (03/18/2004) - In the second part of our interview with Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services president Thomas J. Miller, he continues with our discussion of the Soarian health information system. We pick up with Miller describing the third level of Soarian's capabilities (the first two levels were discussed in part 1, in our March 16 edition). Health-IT World News editor John Dodge interviewed Miller at the annual HIMSS conference recently.

Siemens' Tom Miller on outsourcing, Soarian

FRAMINGHAM (03/16/2004) - Tom Miller, president of Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services, oversees one of the biggest health care software development groups in the world. At 7,000 strong, the group's main project now is Soarian, the all-encompassing health information system that besides just digitizing paper will have a workflow engine and promises to eventually have a sophisticated knowledge engine. In part 1, Health-IT World News editor John Dodge talks with Miller about Soarian and where Miller stands on the U.S. and Europe losing programming jobs. (Another Siemens executive recently announced that 15,000 programming jobs would be transferred from the U.S. and Europe to India and China.) Part II on Thursday looks at Soarian in depth.

IT solutions for IV errors

FRAMINGHAM (02/26/2004) - In December 1994, a fourfold chemotherapy overdose killed 39-year-old Betsy Lehman, a breast cancer patient at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, and, ironically, a health columnist for The Boston Globe.

Pfizer's man with the R&D plan

FRAMINGHAM (11/24/2003) - As Pfizer Inc. senior vice president, science and technology, Peter B. Corr oversees US$7.1 billion in annual research and development spending, the biggest private R&D budget in the world. He is also the only senior executive from the former Warner-Lambert Company to rise within the ranks of Pfizer, which acquired W-L in 2000.

Does IT matter?

FRAMINGHAM (10/21/2003) - Publishing a book in response to a magazine story characterizes the strong and varied response to the "IT Doesn't Matter" article in the May issue of the Harvard Business Review (HBR). Author Nicholas G. Carr, an HBR editor who left around the time of the article's publication, was summarily lambasted and vilified by CIOs, technology company executives, and IT magazine editors.

Down on the 'Pharma'

FRAMINGHAM (09/24/2003) - What do Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals R&D President Robert Ruffolo Jr. have in common?