Stories by Scott Bradner

(Re)defining voice

After more than a hundred years of trying, the phone world has come to a reasonable definition of what "voice service" should be. This definition has been tweaked a little bit of late and is about to undergo a fundamental redefinition. The result will take a long time to determine and is not possible to even reliably guess at from where we now sit.

Selling shovels

Fortune magazine is trying to internalise the internet and seems to almost get it.

The threat of Carnivore

I would find it impossible to be a network industry columnist with some concern about Internet privacy and not write about the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's adroitly named Carnivore email surveillance system. I think one of the basic problems with this system has been overlooked.

Will Voice-Over-X be visible?

There has been a lot of buzz of late about voice-overs. Voice over DSL and voice over cable are all the rage in the trade press. But much of the buzz misses what may be the real story.

Content as Pretender to a Throne

One of the first topics I addressed in this series of columns in Network World seven years ago was the inability of phone companies to understand that the Internet is about connectivity - not killer applications.