Stories by Kuriko Miyake

IPv6 gets on the move

Trials and demonstrations of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) have been going on for a while now, but the widespread arrival of this long-awaited successor to IPv4 has yet to occur, although engineers and experts have been declaring almost every year recently as the beginning of IPv6.

DoCoMo fights back against spammers

NTT DoCoMo Inc. hopes to help users of its i-Mode wireless Internet service stop junk e-mails, commonly known as spam, by dragging junk e-mail senders, or spammers, into court, the company announced on Monday.

Japan looks for a way toward IT nation goal

It's been more than six months since Japan declared that it would become the world's most advanced IT nation by 2005. Since then, the "e-Japan" strategy, its plan to achieve this goal, has been the subject of speculation by experts who wonder whether the government can deliver the goods.

OSDL to open first Asian Linux lab

Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), a nonprofit organization that provides facilities for testing and development of high-performance Linux applications, has announced plans to open its first Asian lab in Tokyo. The new lab, its second, is expected to be established in the fourth quarter this year.

DoCoMo's I-mode users struggling with junk mail

Large newspaper advertisements from NTT DoCoMo Inc. are nothing new in Japan. The company routinely shouts about the features and benefits of I-mode, its popular wireless Internet service, although a series that appeared last week highlighted something that is becoming a major annoyance for many of its users and attracting the interest of the government: unwanted junk e-mail, or spam.

Japanese pack 1000GB into 1cm-cube memory

When Bill Clinton spoke to students and administrators at the California Institute of Technology in January 2000, the then US president talked of future breakthroughs in technology that would lead to a device the size of a lump of sugar which could hold the contents of the US Library of Congress. Now, the market debut of such a device may be in view in Japan, a group of engineers and scientists from Kyoto University and Central Glass said Tuesday.