Stories by Sam Costello

Microsoft releases tool to lock IIS systems

Microsoft Corp., whose Web server and security products have been stung recently by a series of high-profile flaws, released a new security tool Thursday, the second time in as many weeks the company has done so.

McAfee to fight DoS with Asta, Mazu and Arbor

McAfee, a division of Network Associates Inc., announced Monday that it is teaming with anti-Denial of Service (DoS) companies Mazu Networks Inc., Asta Networks Inc. and Arbor Networks Inc. to develop a method of stopping DoS attacks. The initiative will aim to identify when networks are under attack, but also to determine whether the systems involved in the attack are acting knowingly, or whether they've been taken over and are being used by attackers, McAfee said.

Microsoft offers two new security tools

Almost a month after the first outbreak of the Code Red worm spread across the Internet by attacking vulnerable Microsoft servers, Microsoft announced Wednesday the release of two new security tools aimed at helping systems administrators and users keep their systems up to date and protected.

Senator calls for investigation of Windows XP

New York Senator Charles Schumer called Tuesday for an investigation into "anticompetitive" practices in Microsoft Corp.'s forthcoming Windows XP operating system and urged the U.S. Department of Justice to make the cessation of such practices a condition of any settlement in the government's antitrust case against the company.

New variant of Code Red worm found

The same company that discovered the original Code Red worm which has been wreaking havoc worldwide this week said late Friday that it has identified a variant of the worm which is harder to track.

Internet too complex to secure, says exec

When he goes to Washington, D.C. next week to testify before the U.S. Congress on computer and Internet security, Bruce Schneier, the chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc., would like to tell them that such efforts are currently done poorly and with the wrong goals.

Worms will become dynamic, smarter

As if they aren't enough trouble already, Internet worms are going to take an evolutionary leap, worm researcher Jose Nazario said here Wednesday at the fifth annual Black Hat Briefings conference.

MS: Security hole in SQL lets attackers take over

A security flaw in Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 Gold can allow an attacker to take control of a targeted server, the company said in a security bulletin late Tuesday night. Microsoft issued a patch for the flaw at the same time it released the bulletin.