Stories by Sandy Kendall

How do you prevent workplace violence?

FRAMINGHAM (02/27/2004) - In a new development in one of the most stomach-turning of recent crimes--last summer's case of the "collar bomb" placed apparently involuntarily around the neck of a pizza delivery man in Erie, Penn.--the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released parts of a letter discovered with the blown-up pizza man. And a statement that the motivation may have been revenge, not money. (The pizza guy was allegedly forced to rob a bank under threat of his collar detonating.) But revenge against whom? The pizza guy? The bank? The FBI isn't saying yet.

Do password policies comply with security?

FRAMINGHAM (02/13/2004) - According to a one-week quick poll on, 45 percent of organizations require network users to change their passwords every quarter. That's in line with password policies at the Maui High Performance Computing Center, the University of Kansas Medical Center and many other repositories of sensitive information. Thirty percent require a monthly password refresh.