Stories by Siobhan Keogh

App review: Speaktoit Assistant

If you have an Android device but you’d really like to use a personal assistant like iOS’s Siri, look no further than Speaktoit's Assistant app. It works in almost exactly the same way that Siri does - you press a button and talk to it in a natural way, and it responds to you. It’s designed to be more for business users than for personal use, but it works for both.

App review: AudioNote

AudioNote is an app that’s great for anyone who has to take notes during meetings. The premise is simple — you set AudioNote to record your conversation, then take notes by typing them in as you go along. Each notation you make will have a timestamp on it, so you know exactly which point in your recording to go to if you want to hear what was said.

App Review: ToDoist

I can’t organise myself out of a paper bag without assistance, so over the years I’ve become a list-maker. Every day I make a new to-do list, usually on a notepad, highlighting the most important tasks and crossing things off as I go.

Can users trust Mega?

At a glitzy media launch at his mansion outside of Auckland yesterday evening, Kim Dotcom spoke about why the Mega service could be trusted with users’ files, given that a significant number of Megaupload users had lost theirs.

Fry Up: Stephen

A different Fry made it easy to come up with material this week. When British Twitter pal Stephen Fry made the announcement on Monday that he didn’t much fancy New Zealand broadband, the Telecom PR machine went into overdrive - providing plenty of amusement for delegates at the Commerce Commission’s broadband conference. They were treated to a reading from the chair of a statement from the telco given to the media that afternoon – adding a little light relief to an intense first day.

Telecom discusses demerger process at briefing

Telecom says it is on track to proceed with the demerger of Chorus by the end of the calendar year, but still has several large hurdles ahead, including a shareholder vote to approve the scheme.

PlayStation Network back up in New Zealand

UPDATED 12:30PM: The PlayStation Europe Twitter feed currently says that PSN has been restored in New Zealand, but PC World readers have been reporting that they still cannot access their accounts (see comments below).