Stories by John Fontana

Redmond reveals roadmap for BizTalk Server

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for BizTalk Server, including support for RFID technology and integration with Vista and Office, and says the next release of the software, BizTalk Server 2006 R2, will be in the first half of next year.

Google searching for corporate customers

Google has its eye on the enterprise. The company doesn't plan to come busting through the front door, however, but is banking on its search technology and user adoption of its productivity tools to get onto corporate desktops.

Path to post-Exchange environment proposed

Messaging vendor PostPath says it is planning a Linux-based replacement for Microsoft Exchange that supports Linux network protocols and is designed to look just like Exchange on the network.

Google searches for revenue in business space

Google has demonstrated its interest in winning over business users — and IT managers — with the introduction of features for its corporate search appliance that can crawl through data from business applications.

Lotus set to uphold the future of Notes

IBM/Lotus hopes to finally attain what years of earlier efforts have failed to yield: widespread trust among Notes/Domino users that the company remains committed to the platform and its decade-long battle with Microsoft for collaboration-software supremacy.

HP buys identity vendor

HP Wednesday turned a licensing agreement into an acquisition when it signed a deal to buy Trustgenix, which develops a federated identity server.

Creativity is key to recruitment

In a survey of 1,400 US-based CIOs conducted last month by IT recruitment firm Robert Half Technology, 16% of executives polled plan to hire full-time IT staff in the fourth quarter of this year, while only 4% plan to reduce personnel.

Microsoft ships first Server 2003 service pack

Microsoft Corp. late Wednesday released Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, a collection of security enhancements that aligns the server with the latest release of the Windows XP desktop client.