Stories by John Fontana

Open source fuels enterprise shift, says SugarCRM boss

Open source is boosting the enterprise software industry, changing the support equation for users and signaling to Microsoft and other proprietary vendors that it's time to catch on or be left out, according to Larry Augustin, an open source visionary and the current SugarCRM CEO.

Open source invades Microsoft's competitor list

Microsoft's list of competitors is growing to include more open source software and web browsers, as the company fights to stay competitive with distributed computing, emerging PC alternatives, browser-based cloud options and always-on connectivity.

Judge overturns 2007 Unix copyright decision

A federal appeals court Monday overturned a <a href=" ">2007 decision</a> that Novell owns the Unix code, and the ruling now clears the way for SCO to pursue a $1 billion copyright infringement case against IBM.

Google opens attack on Lotus Notes

Google yesterday set its sights on IBM, unveiling a tool to migrate Lotus Notes users to Google Apps and releasing a whitepaper laying out how to migrate Notes applications to Google's online infrastructure.

FAQ: The Google Chrome OS riddle

Google's unveiling of its Chrome OS project was akin to opening a Pandora's box of questions. Perhaps actor Joe Pesci said it best in his role as David Ferrie in Oliver Stone's "JFK": "It's a mystery wrapped inside a riddle inside an enigma". While we know a few basics -- open source, lightweight, targeted initially at netbooks, runs on x86 and ARM processors -- there are a lot more mysteries to be solved before netbooks running the Chrome OS hit the shelves next year.

Windows 7 ramp-up will be sharp

Just more than a year after it launches, Windows 7 will account for nearly half of all the client operating systems Microsoft ships to corporate users, according to forecasts by IDC.

Sharepoint gets Notes 8.5 integration

Mainsoft yesterday added support for Notes 8.5 to its software that integrates the collaboration platform with Microsoft&#8217;s increasingly popular SharePoint Server.

Google unveils plug-in to marry Outlook, Gmail

Google Tuesday unveiled synchronization technology that supports Microsoft Outlook as the front end to Gmail, giving users an option to scrap Exchange on the back end while allowing users to keep their familiar desktop client.

Windows 7 migration may be driven by XP issues

Corporate migration to Windows 7 may be less about evaluating the new Microsoft operating system and more about how to properly gauge the correct time to get XP off client desktops.