Stories by John Fontana

Exchange ready for security test in real world

When Microsoft Corp. completes development of Exchange 2003 this week it will not only be the end of a three-year effort but the beginning of a real-world gauntlet to test Microsoft’s promise to develop more secure code.

Liberty Alliance turning first spec over to OASIS

The Liberty Alliance next week will announce two new draft specifications and for the first time turn over a portion of its work to a standards group providing the first evidence that efforts to create a standards-based identity management framework may be fragmenting.

Liberty Alliance members test ID management spec

After more than a year spent crafting a specification, the Liberty Alliance Project now has some of the largest end-user companies in the US testing it to see if Liberty can deliver on the promise of a federated identity management system.

MS patches core cryptography interfaces in Windows

Microsoft on Thursday released a patch that plugs a security hole in its cryptography software that allows hackers to use bogus digital certificates to hijack secure communications and forge digital signatures.

Microsoft: SSL flaw is in OS not IE

Microsoft said on Wednesday that the SSL flaw recently uncovered by an independent researcher is in multiple versions of the Windows operating system but not its Internet Explorer Web browser.

Microsoft rethinks Win 2000 lineup

Microsoft Corp. is toying with ideas for the Windows 2000 product line that would give IT executives fine-tuned versions of the operating system geared toward specific computing and management requirements - such as Web farms or branch offices.