Stories by Tom Rodwell

TVNZ eases into digital news

Viewers of TVNZ’s midday news programme last Tuesday may not have noticed anything new, but for the broadcaster the bulletin was a milestone.

Spreading the load

Wireless communications holds great hope for telecomms-stranded businesses in the country and far-flung suburbs. But as with any new technology, there are wrinkles in the plan. Tom Rodwell reports.

Finding a useful medium

Business intelligence products are on the up. The worldwide market for data warehouse analysis tools is expected, by analysts IDC, to expand by around 27% a year to 2005, when it will be valued at just under $26 billion.

The ratings game

Whilst business intelligence tools offer specific information about clients and the performance of an individual business’ strategies, they can tell you nothing about your company’s position in a wider market context.

Tapping in

Business intelligence tools allow corporates, online traders and ISPs to sift through customer data for clues about how to better tailor their strategies for greater efficiencies and profit. But what are the privacy implications, asks Tom Rodwell.

Signs looking up for B2B marketplaces

Business-to-business marketplaces started with a bang but enthusiasm has since fizzled somewhat as the difficulties of signing up enough buyers and sellers became apparent.

Cisco builds on e-comm model

So who’s mopping the floor in local business-to-business e-commerce? IDC analyst Mark Cribbens name-checks network equipment provider Cisco Systems.

Analysts show their figures

Predictions of e-commerce spending have been some of the most fertile grounds for analyst organisations in the past couple of years. Before the dot-com bubble burst, the numbers were reaching dizzying heights which seemed to suggest the imminent extinction of bricks-and-mortar commerce. Now that the reverse has happened — the dot-coms have become history while old-style commerce continues on — what are the analysts’ e-commerce predictions? Tom Rodwell reports.