Stories by Guy Burgess

Opinion: How robust are your escrow arrangements?

The collapse of one of Telecom’s software providers Aldous demonstrates that the value of source code escrow is only as good as its implementation. This column looks at the Telecom situation, and outlines key components to a robust escrow arrangement.

AdWords and trade marks: taking care of business

As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, BP has tried to limit some of the damage to its reputation by purchasing search terms such as "oil spill" and "BP lawsuit". Its aim is simple: to improve the chances of getting its own message across when people search for information on the spill.

Protecting IP in a post-patent environment

Recently the Government announced its intention to adopt a select committee’s recommendation to “exclude software from patentability” – that is, to ban software patents. Where will the ban — if implemented — leave local software developers’ ability to protect their intellectual property?

Read up before you backup

New Zealand’s Copyright Act 1994 allows a user to make a backup copy of their computer programs for certain purposes.

Firewalling your intellectual property from creditors

When a New Zealand company or individual becomes insolvent, their assets are typically seized or sold to pay off creditors. For software developers, this can mean losing ownership of their source code. Other valuable intellectual property could also be lost, including domain names, trade marks, documentation, customer lists and client data.