Stories by Lisa DiCarlo

An analysis of the value of analysts

On the website of mega research firm Gartner there's a section titled IT Budget Optimisation, which, among other things, offers for sale 20 research papers on strategies for cutting IT expenses.

What buyers want in a salesperson

After IT buyers had a chance to vent about the more annoying characteristics of tech salespeople (see "The six most infuriating tech sales styles" Computerworld, May 19), they also wanted to talk about what makes a good salesperson.

The six most infuriating tech sales styles

When Craig Urizzola's company decided to make a seven-figure investment in a new ERP system, he contacted his local reseller to order hardware to run it on. "We told them exactly what we wanted and said, 'We don't need SANs or clustering or any of that,'" says Urizzola, CIO at Saladino's, a food service distributor in Fresno, Calif. "But their proposal came back with SANs and 10 more servers than we asked for. They just don't listen."