Stories by Scott Dunn

Toybox: Dropbox file sync service

The Dropbox file synchronisation service is a newcomer, still in beta testing, that has some welcome features despite its simplicity. Like other synchronisers, it requires that you download and install software; but unlike the others, it has almost no user interface. All it has is a tray icon that you click to see a pop-up window with one command for launching the website and another for opening an Explorer window to the Dropbox folder installed in your Documents folder.

Give XP that old-time Windows look

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - You boot up your brand-new Windows XP computer and suddenly everything's different. "Where are my Quick Launch icons?" "Why doesn't Windows start with my last-opened folders active?" "How do I turn off that column on the left side of my folder windows?" Microsoft Corp. makes these changes in an effort to simplify things for people who've never used Windows before. To experienced users, however, the interface changes from one version of Windows to the next just make the OS more annoying. Fortunately, you can turn back the clock to make new versions of Windows act as their predecessors did.