Stories by Antone Gonsalves

Snapchat breach seen as startup growing pains

The Snapchat breach that led to millions of user names and phone numbers posted on the Web shows how a startup's priorities of growth and features can sometimes lead to weak security, experts say.

Unique malware evades sandboxes

Malware utilized in the attack last month on the developers' site used a unique approach to avoid detection, a security expert says.

Lessons for CSOs in Snowden exploit of NSA networks

How Edward Snowden roamed the National Security Agency network, stealing documents that would later be released to select media, raises a number of red flags chief security officers should pay attention to, experts say.

Google, Microsoft, others join in calling on NSA limits

Eight of the largest U.S. Internet companies are formally urging the White House and Congress to rein in surveillance by the National Security Agency, a move at least one privacy advocate says will add pressure on Congress to further restrict NSA activity.

Eight tips for more secure mobile shopping

Online shopping trends point to lots of people, particularly men, using their smartphones and tablets to buy holiday presents. Since some of that browsing and buying will occur at work, experts say companies would be wise to give employees the following eight tips to protect themselves and corporate data.

Phishers hijacking brands from new markets to lure victims

The number of brands used in spoofed emails that trick people into visiting malicious Web sites or clicking on malware attachments rose in the second quarter, an indication that phishers are hijacking the good names of businesses from new markets, a report says.