Stories by Dan Briody

Compaq, HP, others team up on Internet exchange

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Gateway 2000, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), NEC and seven other high-tech powerhouses put their differences aside yesterday to create a new independent company to serve as an Internet exchange.

Dell begins subtle net reinvention

Dell Computer on Wednesday took a huge step in the subtle re-engineering of its image as a PC company when it announced a series of products, services, and initiatives aimed at the Internet infrastructure market. Brings Personalized Desktop to Web

The dream of true Web-based application portals for office productivity software took another step forward this week with the introduction of, a free Internet-based application set that offers desktop OS-like functionality.

Gateway breathes new life into Amiga

Since an announcement of its intended acquisition of Amiga in April 1997, Gateway has been silent about plans for the technology -- until now.

Oracle's NCI reinvents itself

Oracle's foray into the world of thin-client software, Network Computers (NCI), rose from the ashes last week with the announcement of a corporate name change and a host of new investors in the company.

Gates uses Innovate '99 to demo Active Directory

The battle for the hearts and minds of IT managers looking to adopt directory technology was in full swing at Compaq Computer's Innovate Forum '99 conference when Bill Gates publicly demonstrated Microsoft's highly anticipated Active Directory for Windows 2000.
In the closing keynote address at the Compaq user's conference here, Gates trumpeted the capabilities and importance of Microsoft's forthcoming directory services only hours after Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Novell, stated his goal of defining a whole new architecture via Novell Directory Services (NDS).

Massive e-mail virus outbreak spreads

A crippling and embarrassing virus dubbed "Melissa" is circulating countless e-mail in-boxes around the globe this week causing major corporations touched by the virus to halt all out-going e-mail.