Stories by Barb Gomolski

A matter of trust

Building trust is a core requirement for establishing new relationships, especially in an online environment. Equating online trust solely with underlying security requirements -- authenticating users or Web sites and ensuring the confidentiality and validity of online interactions -- is a mistake. Trust must also include nontechnical issues.

Count your blessings

You are lucky to have a job. Have you heard this lately? I bet if you have, you don't feel particularly lucky. If you are working, chances are you're working harder than ever. Still, you probably also have friends, relatives, or neighbours who are pounding the pavement with few prospects. Lucky to be working? You bet. Lucky to be in IT? You bet.

Learning how to play

I have been informed by my teenage son that he wants a Microsoft Corp. Xbox for Christmas. That's the snazzy new gaming system from our friends in Redmond, Wash. My son's request caught me off guard, because he already has a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PlayStation for the TV and a library of games that he plays on his PC.

Leveraging a downturn

Companies always have a choice as to how they will confront a stagnant economy: they can pull in the horns and cut budgets to survive, or they can transform their businesses and thrive in a new competitive environment. The smart ones will choose the latter, the transformative path.

Be a czar in the short-lived role

Most CEOs see the value of appointing an e-business czar -- a senior executive whose full-time job it is to create and oversee the execution of the enterprise e-business strategy.