Stories by Peter Judge

Cellphone 802.11n chip

Broadcom has announced a single chip, the BCM4329, that combines 802.11n wireless LAN, Bluetooth and FM radio for use in phones and other handheld devices.

Femtocells tipped to boost cellular capacity

Femtocells, indoor 3G base stations installed by consumers, will boost cellular network capacity more than ten-fold without causing interference, according to research carried out by industry body the Femto Forum.

Making wi-fi as good as Ethernet

Wireless infrastructure provider Meru Networks announced virtual ports, a technology designed to make wi-fi networks as reliable as wired Ethernet.

IPhone 2.0 gets open source email

Funambol has delivered an open source email client for the new iPhone, and has won new funding for its bid to offer a free alternative to the Blackberry.

RIM working on iPhone rival?

RIM, once the maker of the most corporate-looking handhelds, is rumoured to be working on a touch-screen phone that will compete with the iPhone and — for the first time on a BlackBerry — have no hard keyboard.

Ultramobile PC launches in Europe

OQO has delivered a European -- or at least, U.K. -- version of its ultra-mobile PC, expanded its international presence with a U.K. international director, and dropped more hints about a new version that will handle cellular data.

Cheaper femtocells are on the way

3G femtocells, which promise to deliver indoor coverage and cheap service for 3G networks, are a step closer, thanks to a base station built using chips designed for mass-market handsets.

HP snubs own WLANs for Cisco’s

Hewlett-Packard’s services division has signed a deal to use Cisco’s wireless LAN kit —snubbing HP’s own wireless networking products.

Most fixed-to-mobile projects doomed, study finds

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), the much-touted technology that combines mobile phones with fixed lines to save companies money, will be insecure and most implementations will fail, according to some analysts.

RIM's growth slowed by legal worries

Blackberry users may be breathing a sigh of relief now the long-running lawsuit with NTP is over, but Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) will be counting the cost - in lost customers - for some time to come.