Stories by Mark Jones

WebMethods CEO eyes Web services innovation

SAN FRANCISCO (11/24/2003) - Integration vendors such as webMethods Inc. are constantly attempting to simplify application integration technologies. According to Philip Merrick, chairman and CEO at webMethods, the next round of innovation in the integration space will come from leveraging Web services standards to improve workflow and business processes. adopts, eBay model

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - Inc. this month will make available the latest version of its hosted CRM application and developer platform, Sforce 2.0. Touting Sforce as a hosted application server marks a significant shift in the company's value proposition. As Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff explained in an interview with InfoWorldExecutive News Editor Mark Jones at the company's inaugural Dreamforce User Conference last week, the company can now host any enterprise application.

CEOs struggle to keep the brand alive

"Carly Fiorina has taken a brand that was growing steadily and cast it into chaos - for no good reason, as the [Compaq merger] deal, while it may be good, was not communicated in a clear and articulate manner, leading to the current negative perceptions," claims an anonymous survey respondent.

Users reject notion of 'parasitic grid'

A groundswell of dissent has emerged from the wireless community over the use of the term "parasitic grid," that otherwise refers to a movement involving users installing free wireless Internet access points.

The Net effect

The Internet is our universal excuse for everything that's right and, often conveniently, wrong with the IT industry.
Sales booms and new market opportunities are attributed to the Internet while industry problems, such as the dark cloud over e-tailing, reflect the harsh economic realities of totally relying on the new technology.

Nortel's House: 'My Cisco nightmare'

Nortel Networks is brimming with confidence as the integration of Bay Networks progresses apparently without incident, but the company's president still has something on his mind: Cisco.

Compaq unveils networking strategy

Compaq is continuing its push to gain recognition as an enterprise services organisation, yesterday detailing a new networking services strategy.

OzEmail suffers rogue hacker attack

OzEmail yesterday revealed it has tracked the source of a hacker attack on its international network last Friday to two US-based service providers.