Stories by Marco Tabini

Tim Cook talks TV, wearable computing, smartphone strategy

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the D11 Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday night for a Q&A with journalists and hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. It was Apple executive's second year in the famous red chair, where company co-founder Steve Jobs was also interviewed several times.

Understanding iOS passcode security

Ah, the eternal question: Should you protect your iOS device with a passcode? On one hand, the knowledge that your data is presumably safe from prying eyes makes carrying around your phone and tablet less worrying; on the other, having to tap in a code every time you want to check your email or make a phone call can quickly become annoying.

Printer terminology for the rest of us

It is almost axiomatic that thriving industries create their own jargon and nowhere is this truer than in the world of computers, where vendors borrow, adapt, and coin words seemingly on a daily basis. At some point, however, all the borrowing and punning creates confusion—especially for the people who want to use a technology.

Kiwi company brings print to the iPad

UK- and New Zealand-based developer EuroSmartz has announced the release of version 1.2 of its popular PrintCentral app, updated largely to bring print capabilities to the iPad.
PrintCentral, as the name implies, brings printing capabilities to iPhone OS devices. Although PrintCentral is a Universal app that can be installed on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, all the major changes that have made their way into this version were developed specifically for the last of those devices.

Apple confirms iPad wi-fi issues, suggests fixes

Early users of Apple's iPad are reporting problems with establishing a wi-fi network connection.
Apple's support forums contain a number of comments from frustrated users who are experiencing problems while trying to set up their wi-fi connections. And Apple itself has posted a support note and FAQ on wi-fi and the iPad.
User reports on wi-fi problems cover various issues. Some users say they're unable to join their networks at all after their iPads come out of sleep; others can't seem to get a signal unless they stand very close to their wireless routers (which, needless to say, negates the points of having a wireless network in the first place).