Stories by John Gantz

IT professionals: Happy today, but tomorrow?

Three items struck me from the story on Computerworld US' recent Annual Job Satisfaction Survey. The first was the low score most IT professionals gave for their opportunities for advancement; the second was the high satisfaction most had with their careers; and the third was the high percentage of IT professionals who said they weren't working to their full potential.

How to pick and choose in the new ASP world

It’s time for my annual column on application service providers (ASP). This isn’t just because I’ve been widely quoted in the US media recently as saying they will disappear (and need to explain myself), but also because the collapse of the dot-com sector raises questions about all IT market segments feeding off those successive rounds of capital.

Get the most out of Web site evaluations

There are some very good services out there for testing Web sites, and I used to think they were the answer to a lot of Web site ills. Now I know better. I have gotten close to a couple of companies that have conducted the tests and have seen them struggle to use the information they paid for.