Stories by Tom Davenport

Putting it all together again

FRAMINGHAM (10/02/2003) - This being the last in a series of columns here about knowledge worker productivity, I thought you might be expecting some answers. One thing I know for sure: Depriving knowledge workers of sleep is definitely not a route to enhanced productivity. I started this column on my way to Thailand (and highly sleep-deprived), and it turns out I was not very productive at all!

Serenity Now!

If businesses don't find a way to help the knowledge worker manage information technology, today's confusion will lead to tomorrow's insanity

The Eyes Have It

In case you haven't noticed, the Web and e-commerce are all about eyeballs. Already around 10 Web pages exist for each Australian, and we're rapidly heading toward a world in which the ratio of information to eyeballs is overwhelmingly large. Unless future citizens plan to do nothing but stare at screens all day, we're going to encounter a huge shortage of attentive pupils. Attracting, retaining and transferring eyeballs will be all the rage.