Stories by David H. Holtzman

Creeping determinism

FRAMINGHAM (11/11/2003) - "NASA structure changed as roles and responsibilities were transferred to contractors, which increased the dependence on the private sector for safety functions and risk assessment while simultaneously reducing the in-house capability to spot safety issues."

Legal is from Mars, security is from Venus

FRAMINGHAM (10/08/2003) - Lawyers and security officers make for poor soul mates. The security staff gets frustrated by the perceived pettiness of attorneys, and everyday security activities make messes that lawyers have to clean up. It's like the general counsel (GC) is standing in a grocery store with a mop, watching a herd of sumo wrestlers stampede down the dairy aisle to see who can get to the eggs first.

Wi-Fight it?

Security, like other bastions of business, prefers conflict to conformance when first faced with a new technology. WiFi is no exception. In fact, wireless devices have received a corporate welcome every bit as warm as the one I reserve for the long-distance companies that interrupt my dinner to save me a nickel. However, like it or not, remote access technologies are infiltrating the enterprise and will change the direction of corporate security.