Stories by Ken Banks

'Social mobile' applications: The missing book

If you were thinking of designing or building a Web site, you'd be in luck. If you were thinking of writing a suite of financial management software, you'd be in luck. If you were even thinking of creating the next big video game, you'd be in luck. Visit any good bookstore, and the selection of self-help books and "how-to" guides leave you spoilt for choice. People have been working on these things for ages, and good and bad practice in Web site, financial software or games development -- among many others -- is well established. The biggest challenge you'd likely face is deciding which book to choose. If you're anything like me, you'll leave the store with at least a couple.

Under the radar? Africa's informal development

Is it just me, or are we seeing increasing numbers of books about Africa, African development, Africa's lack of development, beating poverty in Africa, disease in Africa and what we should be doing to solve all of the "problems" of Africa?