Stories by By Tamlin Magee

Huawei security fears - paranoia, blowback, or both?

BT has made the decision to strip the equipment of Huawei from its core EE 4G network among growing security concerns about the Chinese telecom infrastructure giant's critical infrastructure footprint. Can - or should - any blame be laid on Huawei, or is this a result of paranoia, projection, or a severe lack of government oversight?

Openstack moves one step closer to the edge

We round up everything we heard from the second Openstack Summit of the year before it is rebranded as the Open Infrastructure Summit in 2019, including its moves further into edge computing and all the latest pilot projects

Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth wishes Red Hat and IBM a happy marriage

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's keynote at the second of this year's Openstack Summits was considerably less controversial than the last, where he explicitly compared the price between Red Hat and Ubuntu's services in Vancouver. However he still had plenty to say when Computerworld UK caught up with the hobby astronaut and entrepreneur on the show floor.

Red Hat commits to Openstack for 'at least' 10 years

While Red Hat understandably wouldn't discuss anything to do with the IBM mega-acquisition - for regulatory reasons - director of product management James Labocki and senior director for product management at Openstack Nick Barcet confirmed Red Hat's commitment to Openstack for at least the next "10 years".

GitHub asserts independence from Microsoft during Universe event

At GitHub Universe in San Francisco, the open source code repository company announced a new 'Actions' service described by head of platform Sam Lambert as the most significant feature for its community since pull requests, while other executives asserted the company's independent status ahead of its expected buyout approval from Microsoft this week.