Stories by Steve Ragan

In Pictures: Hacking Team's hack curated

Hacking Team, a firm best known for helping governments spy on their citizens, has been hacked. Here's a curated look at the documents, contracts, and code discovered by researchers sorting the data online.

Information overload: Finding signals in the noise

Signal-to-noise ratios are hard to manage. As a security professional, you want the threat data, you want the attack notifications and alerts, and you need intelligence. But, when there's too much coming in, those alerts and notifications fall to the wayside. They're easily dismissed and ignored.

Yahoo! Encrypts! All! The! Things!

Yahoo has offered a public status update for their various encryption projects, including an announcement that a new, encrypted, version of Yahoo Messenger will be released in the coming months.

Understanding incident response: 5 tips to make IR work for you

IT professionals, security experts, and researchers have traveled to Sin City this week, in order to attend the annual Black Hat security conference. While many of the presentations and demos at Black Hat will focus on trends and the latest technological advances for those who attack the network and those who defend it, there isn't much on the topic of incident response.

5 strategies for post-holiday BYOD problems

Christmas is fast approaching. Now, and after the office is back to normal after the first of the year, employees are going to return with several shiny new gadgets, along with the expectation that they'll "just work" in the corporate environment. Security will be a distant afterthought, because it's still viewed as a process that hinders productivity.

Report accuses BT of supplying backdoors for GCHQ and NSA

A paper released earlier this month by a group of security researchers has outlined the technical details behind a potential Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) program likely used by the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and their American counterpart, the NSA.