Stories by Dave King and Darren Greenwood

Dick Smith’s happy with online browsers

Dick Smith Electronics claims its three-year-old website can attract 100,000 visitors and direct local sales of around $50,000 a month. This is peanuts compared to the millions turned over in its 30-odd electronics shops and allied distributors, and translates to 50 cents for each visitor. But DSE IT manager Greg Clare is relaxed about admitting that not a great many people who go to the site, actually buy anything.

Christmas bells & whistles

Xmas is weeks away and online retailers are gearing up for the expected rush. Efficient stock management systems and smooth relationships with suppliers and delivery firms are vital to their success. How do etailers manage their supply chain?

Gen-i takes warehouse out of supply chain

Online retailers have long used “virtual warehouses” run by other parties in preference to maintaining expensive stock facilities themselves, and increasing numbers of mainstream IT firms are cottoning on to the technique as a way to cut costs and smooth product delivery.