Stories by Anna Wallis

Fencepost revives farm links

Kiwi Dairies' agricultural portal is designed to give farmers intimate information about the economy - right down to the price of milk. It's also designed to give farmers back some of the benefits they've lost in the last 20 years as the rural sector has retrenched and services have shrunk.

There's knowledge down on the farm, too

They're frequently put down as symbolic of the "old" economy, but New Zealand's primary producers aren't ready to exit the stage. As Anna Wallis reports, the country's agricultural industries are keen to take their place in the knowledge economy as they forge new ways of extracting profits from existing resources.

How much will you need to spend?

Worried about being an e-jit if you're not into e-business? You're not alone as the e-word goes for world domination in an increasingly online marketplace. But how much will it cost? Anna Wallis reports.