Stories by Marc L Songini

ERP rollout weighs Symantec down

Symantec continues to try to work through a challenging rollout of Oracle’s ERP applications that has started to affect its bottom line.

SAP trading app updated

SAP has unveiled a new version of its Global Trade Services software, which company officials say can better help customers navigate through the tangle of international trading laws and procedures.

Microsoft picks up CRM customers from rivals

Although a latecomer to the customer relationship management (CRM) business, Microsoft has quietly been luring customers away from more established rivals such as Siebel, now part of Oracle.

Diebold machines voted out in US

The state of Maryland is poised to ditch its US$95 million (NZ$148 million) investment in Diebold’s touch-screen e-voting systems because they can’t produce paper receipts.

Salesforce has hiccups yet again

In the wake of several service outages in recent weeks, has created a website to update users of its hosted CRM software on system performance and problems.

Changing world stresses supply chains

Extending and maintaining its global supply chain has been a thorny challenge at clothing maker VF. The company sources finished products from the Far East and Central America and uses a combination of VF-owned factories and outside manufacturers operating under contract. "One thing about globalisation is that it tends to throw a company into a constantly changing environment," says Ellen Martin, a VF vice president.