Stories by James E Gaskin

The wacky and insecure world of wi-fi

In honour of the 802.11n wi-fi standard getting close to arriving after wandering through the desert for 40 years, let's look at wireless. Our focus here is on helping you wi-fi better, even if it means doing less wi-fi.

Consumer tech a blessing for small business IT

During Altiris' user conference in April, I watched a lunch panel discuss the "consumerisation of IT" and whether that's a good thing. My initial thought was that it was probably bad for enterprises that want to control everything, but may be good for smaller businesses.

Email can come at a high price

Email: can't live without it, can't stand the hassles. Is it any wonder many people rely on Instant Messaging for co-worker communications?

Remote storage management aids mid-sized businesses

Growing companies must break through many barriers, and technology provides barriers aplenty. Moving from a small company storage model to a medium company storage model takes effort, planning and more manpower. For those fighting to get a better handle on their storage resources, CommVault wants to throw you a lifeline.

Where the leaks are

The folks at Altiris, acquired earlier this year by Symantec, recently invited me back to their ManageFusion user conference to participate in a panel discussion about security.