Stories by Peter McLennan and Rob O'Neill

Gen-i to launch iPhone sales, support

Telecom is preparing to sell and service Apple's iPhone from Monday.
Telecom's ICT services unit Gen-i will provide the service for clients wanting to purchase and set up iPhone devices.
"The new process aims to improve the service experience for our clients, by providing an efficient supply of iPhones to clients where there is no alternate Telecom device that meets their needs," Gen-i told Computerworld in a statement this morning.
"It also allows clients to take advantage of Gen-i’s extensive plans for its business clients."
Gen-i says it does not support the device, guarantee it or provide replacement services directly. 
"The process has been put in place to ensure we are delivering the best client experience we can without a formal carrier agreement between Telecom and Apple."
However, when a user buys an iPhone they usually register it through iTunes before use. The statement from Gen-i does not cover how this aspect of iPhone sales is being managed without a formal carrier agreement.
It is possible to run an iPhone on Telecom's XT network, however, by inserting an XT SIM card and changing one setting on the phone, the access point name (APN). Computerworld queried how this is managed in Gen-i's sales process and received the following response: "We understand iPhone users on XT have successfully registered their devices with iTunes."