Stories by Sim Ahmed and Stephen Bell

WINZ kiosk security issues may extend to other agencies: Expert

Updated 3pm
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says experts have found the problem which caused the massive security breach in Work and Income kiosks.
But despite this Bennett says, in a media statement, that the kiosks will remain closed "until the system can be guaranteed as secure.”
She expects an independent investigation into Work and Income computer systems will “give the public assurances that security is robust and private information is safe.”
“I’m deeply disappointed information which should have been secure has been accessed, the public has a right to expect more of a government agency,” says Bennett. “I’ve demanded answers as to how a journalist managed to gain access to files and I am appalled that it was possible, even with a level of skill.”
“It is unacceptable for information of this nature to be accessible and it is absolutely vital the Ministry of Social Development fix this issue in the first instance and ensure there aren’t any other possible security gaps elsewhere.”
“An independent investigation will look into all aspects of security, reaching back to when the kiosks used by the public were installed. This investigation will get underway immediately,” says Bennett.
Bennett says she has sought assurances from MSD CEO Brendan Boyle that the department’s systems are secure.
Boyle has been head of the department for a year, prior to that he was the government CIO and Department of Internal Affairs CEO.
At a press conference this afternoon Boyle said the department could not be sure no other breaches had been made, though said the information Ng accessed was not client files.