Stories by Andreas M Antonopoulos

Opinion: Remove the fragmentation, install open standards

A new week, a new rash of attacks against security vendors, email marketers and banks. It would be easy to point fingers and laugh at the irony, especially in the case of security vendors, but that would be both petty and short-sighted.

Opinion: Security-as-a-service growing

When you ask IT professionals if they use cloud computing or software-as-a-service, most start by saying "no". But if you ask some follow up questions, you will quickly find out about "that one application" that is a SaaS application.

Low take-up of virtualisation security a worry

In April 2004 I wrote my first article on the topic of virtualisation security. I was trying to bring attention to the security aspects of this 'new' technology, which was getting quite a bit of hype at the time. The hope was this time security would not be an afterthought, that we would reverse the equine-escape/egress-closure sequence. The naïveté of youth!

Different security roles need to be recognised

I often hear from IT executives that it is hard to recruit and retain "good security people". Many lament the shortage of skills in this area and cannot reconcile the skills offered with the positions that need to be filled. Is there really a shortage of good security people? Or just a mismatch in the skills and the jobs?

Virtualised security: the next frontier

Companies are adopting virtualisation technologies at a faster and faster rate. They are virtualising servers, desktops, storage, networks. But one aspect of infrastructure has been lagging — very few companies address the growing demand for virtualised security.