Stories by Vikram Kumar

Opinion: Good news, bad news on software patents

Despite the heat and noise, there is remarkable alignment between Government and the majority of the New Zealand software industry on software patents. Specifically, that software should not be eligible to be patented. Copyright protection is sufficient. Both also agree that an otherwise patentable invention should not be barred from being patented simply because it uses software (“embedded software”).

Opinion: Vodafone plus TelstraClear - good or bad for you?

It has been almost two weeks since Vodafone announced its intention to take over TelstraClear for $840 million. As number two in the market, the new Vodafone will have over a quarter of the fixed line internet market compared to Telecom’s half. What are customers and the broader industry going to get with the new Vodafone? What’s the impact of the number two and three players being combined?

Predictions 2012: Dawning of a golden age for ICT

InternetNZ CEO Vikram Kumar writes that opportunities and challenges for the ICT industry in 2012 can be put into two categories - the continuation of current trends and the unexpected, hard-to-predict.

Opinion: Why Newton's law applies to telecommunications

Memories of my school days are a bit hazy and admittedly more convenient than accurate. One memory that does stand out is Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. You will probably remember it as something like; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.